Mens Minoxidil

We offer medical-grade mens minoxidil solutions proven to promote hair regrowth.

mens minoxidil

Mens Minoxidil

Our mens minoxidil hair loss treatment is proven to stop hair loss. We have products for those who are just starting to notice some hair thinning or for customers with excessive hair loss that need a medical-grade hair loss treatment. Our 15% Minoxidil solution for men is the highest dosage possible clinically proven to promote hair regrowth in frontal and vertex areas of the scalp. Try us out and see why thousands choose MinoxidilKing.

Why Choose Us?

Our Mens Minoxidil was formulated by hair loss treatment experts after decades of studies. Our 5-15% minoxidil solutions were especially made for men as they are too strong for women to use. Similar to how leading brands works, this alternative solution has extra ingredients which will give you faster results. Aside from Minoxidil and Azelaic Acid, you can also enjoy the wondrous benefits of other natural ingredients which aim to give you a thicker, more beautiful hair whilst helping stop hair loss.

Thousands of Satisfied Customers

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Stop Losing Hair

Minoxidil is the only FDA approved topical solution clinically proven to combat hair loss. Aside from Minoxidil and Azelaic Acid, our formula contains Gotu Kola, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Ginseng, Butterfly Pea Herb, Soapberry and other natural ingredients. These combined together are the true magic on how our minoxidil solution works so effectively.

Customer Testimonials

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