Stop Hair Loss – Best solutions to stop losing hair

Best solutions to combat and stop hair loss

Some studies say that a person loses about 100 strands of hairs per day. Usually, the hair loss happens during shower or when combing. This may be natural, but some losses more than 100 hair strands a day. The thinning or balding of the hair may be brought by old age or a pre-existing disease. And there is no particular cure to baldness. BUT, there are several treatments that facilitate hair growth nowadays. And these treatments may come in the form of surgeries, creams and oral medications. And using these medications may vary. Sometimes, physicians prescribe different hair loss treatments to stop hair loss.

Here are the best ways to stop hair loss:

Laser comb

Some claim that the laser comb is an effective hair loss treatment everyone who wants to grow their hair must have in their homes. A laser comb is basically a comb equipped with laser, which has hair growing capability. Some research found out that regular use of laser comb for 26 weeks can increase an average hair growth of 17 hairs per square inch. It is equivalent to 14 percent over the baseline.


Minoxidil is a drug that comes in foam or liquid.  Our men’s 15% minoxidil solution, for instance, can be rubbed on the scalp to encourage growth of new hair faster. It can also prevent and reduce hair loss efficiently. For women to stop hair loss, the highest recommended dosage is 2-3% due to women having sensitive skin in that area. The Minoxidil is one of the excellent hair loss treatments available. New hair can still grow even when one discontinues using but will eventually fall if discontinued for long lengths of time.

Before you use minoxidil, it is important to test it in a small part of skin in your arms. If the skin is irritated and you will get allergies because of it, it is advisable not to sue the solution at all.


There are a lot of oral medications available that help stop hair loss. Most of these vitamins come in a capsule. Though there are some pills that do not require a prescription, it is still important to contact your physician before taking these meds for your hair loss treatment. Note that taking oral meds have more unnecessary side effects than any other type of men’s hair loss treatment or women’s hair loss treatment.

Hair Transplant

This the fastest treatment to gain back your thick and shiny hair. There are a lot of dermatologist and hair specialist who are already practicing hair replacement surgeries. These surgeries include hair transplant and scalp reduction treatment. Hair transplant involves implanting hair strands in your scalp to make your hair a lot thicker. Scalp reduction hair loss treatment, on the other hand, involves reducing the scalp in the bald area and replaces it with a hair-filled scalp.

Whether you get a men’s 15% minoxidil solution, take oral meds, use laser comb or undergo hair replacement, there are a lot of options you can choose from to get your once thick hair back. Be cautious of choosing the perfect solution for you. If possible, a doctor consultation will always be beneficial. Start now before its too late and stop your hair loss!